HUGE News!

I'm so incredibly excited to share with you guys that I've finally been able to open up my one-on-one coaching program again! I'm doing things a little bit differently this time, because I really need to know that you and I are a good fit before we start working together. I don't want to set things up and have … Continue >>

5 Recent Thoughts About Facebook

5 Recent Thoughts About Facebook

I have always loved facebook. Even through the mass changes they've made that always flipped people out, and when they started to really cram ads down our throats, I still loved facebook. But I'm beginning to have second (and third, fourth, and fifth) thoughts about it. Don't get me wrong, it's still great in a lot … Continue >>


Here’s a List of Goals I’m Working On…

To say that I've had a moment of 'enough is enough' is an understatement. See, I've been contracting with a company for a while now, and it's really just not a fulfilling job for me anymore. (Yes, I'm well aware that they're probably following my blog, and they're probably going to be a little upset when they read … Continue >>


My 3 Words for 2015

I love Chris Brogan. No, really. I know you may think that everyone loves Chris Brogan, but you really have no clue how much I love him. He's been a great friend and mentor over the years, and I really think that my world would totally suck if for some reason he had never come into it. If you need a kick in the pants … Continue >>


Update: How To Do End of Year Reviews and Planning for Self-Employed People

I wrote this post exactly three years ago, and offered with it a free download for helping self-employed people do annual reviews and goal setting. I've had a fantastic response, and have decided to update the spreadsheet (since the old one ended in 2015), and post it here for free, for you! Annual Review and Goal … Continue >>

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