The ONLY Honest Way to Connect to Your Readers & Customers

It's one of those things that everyone with a blog has read about at least 100 times already, this whole "be authentic" thing. It was a trendy thing that actually started out as really great advice, but has been so overused that it's just become something that makes you want to roll your eyes at this point. But … Continue >>


Yippee Skippy! New Tool with a HUGE Presale Offer!

I am unbelievably excited to announce a brand new product here, designed to help creative entrepreneurs manage their time, their businesses, their finances, and much more! I know I'm not alone in my struggles with "doing it all" so I wanted to share my tools with you, dear readers! It's the 2015 Creative … Continue >>


Your Happiness Requires Permission From No One

Wanna know yet another nugget of truth about yours truly? Many people see me as this strong-willed, strong-minded, strong person. In many ways, I am, because growing up, my wonderful parents always told me that I could do whatever I wanted, be whoever I wanted, and as long as whatever I chose made me a happy, … Continue >>

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