Where Has This Year Gone?

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Where Has This Year Gone?

We’ve long passed the “hump” of 2010. I’ve had so many things happen already that it’s hard to believe. I reconnected with a boyfriend from 15 years ago back in February. We’re together and going strong, living in an apartment with his three cats. Yes, I said cats. *big sigh* I know, I’m not a cat person at all, but I am and always will be an Fanimal person. Just waiting for the day we get a house or something where I can still have my dogs! I love my cats but one of them has anxiety and I have to medicate him with CBD which by the way is the best thing to soothe his anxiety. I recommend CBD for cats if your pet suffers any kind of issues.

I’ve taken on lots of new work, new clients, and they’re all amazing. In fact, I do believe I’m essentially booked up through the rest of the year, what with all my other personal projects (shh! They’re still secret right now!) and the work I have coming in. It’s great. Busy, but great. :)

Grafton Peace Pagoda – Did make time for this! – Copyright 2010 Lara Kulpa

A few things I’ve been slacking on? The diabetes/weight loss issues. Yes, I’m mad at myself for it. I do believe that I’m going to gear things up now with work stuff so that I can have things all settled and organized for next year to INCLUDE taking the time I need to for myself. I’m giving work 110% for the rest of 2010 and then taking a well-deserved (after five years) ease-up on myself. Yup. Gonna do that!

I did recently just go back on Chantix in order to quit smoking again, though… does that count? I’m so annoyed with our illustrious Governor that I don’t want anything he does to be able to pull another red cent from my pocket, so when the price of a pack jumped up to just about $10, I decided enough was enough. It’s over. I enjoyed being a non-smoker before, my boyfriend hates that I smoke, and my mom’s going to try to quit now too. It’s awesome!

Speaking of disdain (as I have for Governor Crack Smoker), I’m also all twisted over this BP oil spill stuff. It’s almost like I’m in shock over it. Part of me wants to hop a plane and fly down to help the animals. The other part of me stops and wonders if what anyone’s doing is actually helping anything. I’m hurt by this whole thing, you know? I think about all the people and animals who are suffering. I think about the fact that a major food supply is and will continue to be contaminated to the point of no return. I think about the lives that were lost and those we may lose in the future over this whole thing. And I think about how our President goes on television to say he’s trying to figure out “whose ass to kick”, yet he hasn’t kicked anything but the tires on his golf cart. Ungh! Okay, enough… can’t let this spiral down and ruin my day or anyone else’s! LOL

So there it is, a few months in a nutshell! I’m going to really try to focus on work stuff and personal projects for the remainder of the year so that I can have the time (and luxury) of blogging here more often!


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