When You Get Overwhelmed… Use An Egg Timer!

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When You Get Overwhelmed… Use An Egg Timer!

I love starting new projects and ideas. Really, I do. But sometimes I get ahead of myself and start projects that take much of my attention, and things fall behind.

Like this blog.

Like my Artist’s eCourse. (I’m so sorry – new lessons coming soon, I promise!)

Like my online shops and my site for my handmade jewelry.

So what do I do when I find that I have tons on my plate, and need to get better organized? I use an egg timer. Yup. It’s a virtual one I downloaded that lives on my computer. I choose a task and set the timer for an hour. I work on that task for half an hour (or whatever I set it to) and then pick a new one and reset the timer. My friend Craig Jarrow would be so proud!

Email on personal biz account: 30 mins. (2-3x a day)
Email on Blog World account: 30 mins. (2-3x a day)
Twitter: 30 mins. (3-4x a day)
Facebook: 90 mins. (Yes, I do spend loads of time there for both BWE and my own stuff.)
Writing blog posts: 30 mins. (not enough each day)
Commenting on other blogs: 60 mins. (2-3x/day)

See all I can get done in a day?

I have seen people talk about spreadsheets and charts and mindmaps, but I really think that while a list of daily tasks is a good idea, it’s far too easy to get caught up with things and spend more time navigating facebook (ungh, those changes!) than actually accomplishing the things you set out to do each day.

If you prefer the loud ring of a real egg timer, I’m sure your local dollar store has plenty for you to choose from. I personally enjoy having my desktop version, because there’s too much stuff on my real desk as it is, and I’m afraid it’ll sit there unused. When I use up a whole hour, I just click “reset and start timer” and move on to the next thing.

What are some ways you use to keep on task, manage your time, and get everything done?

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  1. Mye says:

    This is what I need right now, Lara – time management. Because i have tons on my plate and have been catching up for the longest time! Love the idea of virtual egg timer, i’ll download it too :) Thanks!

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