What’s A Girly Web Geek To Do?

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What’s A Girly Web Geek To Do?

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Okay so it’s become painfully obvious to me that my business has gotten so busy that I have severely neglected my personal projects. My company blog is lacking in a major way, but so are all my other little pet projects.

I’m definitely an “idea woman” and I find that I get compelled to act upon every new idea I have. What I’d really love is to have a full staff of people whom I can afford to pay full time to help me keep all these little ideas running (and growing, of course). Just not happening at the moment, that’s for sure.

I’m kind of notorious for taking on too much sometimes, too. Sure, the money’s great, but when my stress level reaches 11 on a ten-point scale and I’ve got no time to spend with friends or family, the money seems so not worth it sometimes.

Okay wait, that’s a flat-out lie. The money’s really worth it, it’s just trying to get others to understand sometimes that’s difficult.

So here’s the problem: I’ve got too much I want to do, versus what I need to do.

What’s the solution?

Do I drop some of my personal project ideas? Does that mean selling off the domains that I just KNOW are going to be really great projects/money makers? Or does that mean continuing to dump a couple hundred bucks a year into the domains just so I can hang onto them until I have time or a staff?

Do I try to develop a hard-core, rigid schedule? I do tend to wander sometimes, as I often work best on borrowed time, but maybe it’s time to really work hard at overcoming that.

I’m really leaning on sitting down and mapping out a plan for the rest of the year, as best I can, to include a certain amount of “personal project” time, and then spidering that out into time spent on each project before I determine whether or not it’s a pass/fail.

Here’s a very generalized list of the projects:

  1. Very large, specified niche network of blogs. Goal was to have at least one writer for each blog, with approximately 60-80 blogs. Would need major sponsorship I think, in order to get it rolling properly. Would need help acquiring such sponsorship.
  2. Personal finance blog/possible network. I have mine started, but think it would be nice (in this economy) to help others.
  3. Weight loss/health blog (possibly opening it up to a social network). This has been one of my many babies for over a dozen years. One I’m pretty positive I’m not ready to give up on.
  4. Luxury living blog/possible network. (I know, a contradiction to #2, but I’m thinking it’s nice to dream, right?)
  5. Fashion/beauty blog. (I’ve kind of had this tied into the weight loss blog, which is odd and un-fitting. Would like to branch it off.)

Now, keep in mind that I am still running the consulting business full-speed, and am possibly looking at taking on a solid 50 hours of work each week with that. I know, in no other country but America do people work so much, but given my own valid reasons, I really don’t mind as much or as often as many would.

So what wisdom or sage advice would you offer? I’d love to hear opinions as I work my way through this grasping of control and fun and making a living that I’m doing! Please share in the comments!

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2 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Lara, from one girly web geek to another –

    You really can’t do it all (and there are some people who oddly don’t want to – and don’t get why you would want to fill your life that way). You just won’t be able to explain it to them.

    my late grandfather used to tell me to “always leave some margin for the next guy”. He was talking about share trading but I’ve applied it to many areas of my life.

    You do have to leave some of your ideas for someone else to take up. Pick the ones that are most important to you and let the others go. From the brief time I’ve “known” you I have no doubt you’ll have more anyway!

    Personally, I think it is the combos which make your ideas great. There are plenty of finance type blogs atm but combining budget and sensible living with luxe is genius. I personally live by a budget in order to live the life I want (including some rather spendy luxe items that I really enjoy) and I don’t think we’re the only ones.

    The other combo of weight loss and fashion/beauty is great too. Looking fashionable (in clothes that fit) while losing weight is an absolute nightmare and some inspiration would be fabulous. One of the great things about you is your gorgeousness and beauty no matter what your size and what a gift to share with others!

    Good luck, and have fun whatever you decide :)

  2. Lara Kulpa says:

    Rachel, my friend… I love you! :)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond so kindly!

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