Time Management Challenge Update

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Time Management Challenge Update

So clearly I haven’t been doing well with some of my goals (like blogging more often), but I’m writing this post to update the ones I have been doing well with. :)

1. Weekends. I’ve spent the past two weekends pretty much offline for the most part. I’m not doing my “day job” work stuff on weekends anymore. It’s been REALLY nice. I spent this past weekend working on my office/craft space and I feel accomplished. One of my projects from this weekend:

It’s totally not finished yet. I have to finish the tree painting on the wall, and start putting away all my supplies. But I’m not so stressed about having a good work space to create my jewelry and art. It’s so nice, because I’m actually able to see everything I have, and ENJOY working on my art projects because everything will have a place and be easy to find. I’m WAY excited about this, can you tell?

2. Working on more creative projects. Clearly as you can see, I’ve now got a dedicated space to work on creative projects. I’ve been making more jewelry and paintings, which makes me happy in so many ways. Painting and being creative reallllly soothes my soul. (It also keeps me from smoking, but that’s another story!) It also is an additional source of income and experience for me, and has ignited all these ideas and inspiration for me. I seriously can NOT say enough how important my creative time is to me… It’s utterly immeasurable.

3. Keeping up on bills. I’m working on my tried-and-true money management processes, and it feels good to be in control again.

4. Keeping up on the apartment. We’re both working hard at keeping clutter at bay and making sure that daily tasks are getting done. Part of this comes from my other time management goal of being done with work by late afternoon. It’s giving me back that time that I just felt was disintegrating. I get more done by backing away from the computer, and it too is soooo good for my soul. :)

So there you have it. There’s literally only a week left to January, and I’m feeling really good.

My next plan is to incorporate a stricter time schedule for my “day job” type tasks. I need to make sure that certain things get done each day, many at certain times. So it’s a clock-based schedule, and I’m hoping to perfect it and set up my reminders and all that. Will report back at the end of the month!

How are you doing with the Time Management Challenge?


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