The “What The Hell Is Going On With Lara?” Post

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The “What The Hell Is Going On With Lara?” Post

It’s so funny how when your life changes, people on the “inside part of outside” of your life change too. Many of my colleagues and friends have stuck with me, stayed in touch, actually interacted with me, but to be honest most have not. And you know what? That’s okay. Because my life, my passions, my plans… have changed quite a bit since you probably last talked with me. And I’m SUPER THRILLED about it! :)

So, let’s see. I’m going to go back to the end of 2011, just because that’s when it all changed, really. I had stopped working with Darren and gone to work for Blog World in August, and by mid-November, had left Blog World. I then decided that I was going to spend some time working on my art and jewelry through the holidays, and see how much fun I could have. (LOTS, in fact!)

Then, here come the whammies. My only living grandparent passed away at the end of December. My father’s mother. So after the mourning time came the clearing out of her house, which is when I discovered I was pregnant. Yes, I’ve heard it often happens that way, and I’m terribly sad that she never got to know about (much less meet) my wonderful daughter. But in the meantime, there was a house (her house) to work on so that we could move in and raise our child in a safe, stress-free community.

September 2013…

sofia-newMy daughter, my one and only child (because I’m sotally a ‘one and done’ mom), Sofia was born. My heart just about blew out of my chest and I don’t think I ever, ever cried so many happy tears in my entire life. Combined. She came a month early, but without imperfection of any kind. She’s healthy and happy and now 8 months old. :)

sofia-feet2So during the pregnancy and aftermath, what have I been working on? Besides being a new mommy, I’ve been creating and licensing more of my art, working on some new business ideas, taking on some client work here and there, and truly just loving life. I’ve also signed on to do a mural on an exterior wall in the city nearby, which you can read about if you’re so inclined. So I’m really thrilled about that!

Have I given up on working in social media/community management? Nope.
Have I changed my direction a little? Yes.
Will I spill the details just now? No way, not yet. Patience, dear one.

Let’s just say if you’re a creative person like me, but without the whole “business brain” of it, you’re gonna be very excited! New business(es) and projects on the way!

Now, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve actually blogged regularly (anywhere, as a matter of fact), but I’ll be making announcements and updates soon. Just know that if you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s probably because I’m covered in baby food or paint or something equally fun!


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