Want More Excitement in Your Business? Teach!

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Want More Excitement in Your Business? Teach!

As an artist, I’m always looking for ways to promote and share my work. I’ve utilized facebook, twitter, deviantART, you name it, but while makin contacts definitely has roots in the online world, the true reach begins when you’re one-on-one and offline.

With thanks to my supafly networking skillz, I met someone in a facebook group who introduced me to the activities director at a local retirement community. We met face to face, and within a very short period of time, I was hired to come in and teach polymer clay classes once a week (for now, we may do more classes later).

My cost/benefit analysis goes like this (you’ll notice many more positive thoughts on this than negative ones):

* The actual pay for teaching one class is enough to cover my fuel and lunch/coffee for that day and that’s about it. But I’m not entirely in this for the upfront cash at this point.
* I get to spend an hour a week playing with one of my favorite mediums in the whole world, polymer clay.
* I get to develop a curriculum, a plan for projects.
* I get to share my work with people who may or may not ever purchase it, but I’m sure will have an appreciation for it.
* I get to spend time with more “grandmas” – and after recently losing my own, it’s going to be really nice. I’ve always loved to sit and talk with older people, ever since I was a little girl. My own Grammy would bring me to visit her friends and I always loved sitting and listening to their stories.
* I get out of the house!! Sometimes us self-employed people forget to do that. If I could teach classes every day of my life I would, even if only for this reason alone.
* I get more experience in teaching, which is something I really do want to do with my art.

The reasons I embraced teaching as one of my goals for my art/jewelry business are many, but it amounts to more excitement and opportunity! I see lots of artists doing their thing online and never opening up and sharing what they know in a way that puts them face-to-face with people. Sure, online courses are fantastic, and I plan to create more of those as well this year, but nothing compares with human interaction.

This year, I plan on creating online courses for all sorts of things – running your business/website, art, jewelry making, crafts, you name it. But for the real excitement, I’ll also be taking those courses offline and live! I can’t wait to see how this plan unfolds for me!

How can YOU bring your love of something to the masses, one small group at a time, by teaching?


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  1. Karl Staib says:

    It’s why I love a quality conference. There are so many talented and smart people and I get to learn from them. It’s this in person time and attention that really solidifies the relationship and builds trust.

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