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5 Additional Streams of Income for Artists. I’m Working on #3, Myself.

The most popular post on this site to date is The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Etsy/Zibbet/Artfire Business. It’s the one most often linked to in the forums of those sites, and the one I get the most questions and feedback about. I love that people are finding it so helpful! Recently, someone posted the…
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Stepping Off Point – Making A Choice & Sticking It Through

As some of you may know, I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies just as much as I’ve worked with individuals and small businesses. I’ve dealt with extremely creative people and extremely “corporate” people. Guess who I resonate best with? Not that I can’t work with corporate people. I totally can, and I blend in quite…
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Build First. Grow Later.

This post is probably going to come off as more of a ‘rant’, but I assure you it’s not. I’m simply trying to hammer this through so many heads right now, that I felt the need to explain it in writing. You have to have something to market before you can market what you’ve got.…
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Facing Your Entrepreneurial Fears – Part 1

YOU DESERVE MORE THAN MEDIOCRITY! I know it’s “comfortable” and “safe” – but you are an amazing human being, with a brain that’s capable of so much more! I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some truly amazing people in my life. Both online and in person. Some are CEOs of companies they built from the…
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It’s Time To Start Thinking About 2013

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! First, I want to say something to those of you receiving this in your inbox. It’s been almost a year since I wrote here, and for that I apologize. (You’ll learn more about that if you keep reading…) But you DID in fact, voluntarily subscribe to receive these…
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How To: End of Year Reviews and Planning for Self-Employed People

CLICK HERE: UPDATED for 2014/2015 and beyond!!!   I honestly can’t believe that 2011 is about to end in two weeks. I know, you’re probably sitting there thinking, “Lara, let me get through the holidays before you start talking about the New Year!” No. Sorry, but nope. When you’re in business for yourself, you’ve got…
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