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7 Reasons Your Artist Site Is Boring The Heck Out Of People (and How To Fix It)

You may read through the following list and choose to believe that none of this applies to you and your site or blog. You will be wrong. 99.9% of you? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. It’s not entirely your fault, though. See, you’re a “creative”. You make things, paint things, forge things out of wire or metal……
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5 WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without (and You Shouldn’t Either)

Everyone has their own methods, their own madness, and their own resources. Do a search for “blogging plugins I can’t live without” is going to net you nearly 48 million results. So why am I even going to bother adding to the cacophony? Because I’ve been at this for over 18 years now, and I…
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Make More Money With This WordPress Plugin

I absolutely love WordPress, if you don’t know me well enough yet to figure that out. It’s the greatest CMS/blogging tool there is, in my opinion, and that’s mainly because of the extensive plugin collection that’s available. If you’re looking to make money with your blog, a really good way to go is by using…
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