How To Know When To Put Your Art Online


No, it’s not just “when you need the money”, though that can definitely be the trigger that gets you thinking. No, it’s not as soon as you take a photo that all your facebook friends are drooling over. No, it’s not when you think you can make something better/cheaper than someone else. Keep reading… you’ll […]

It’s Time To Start Thinking About 2013


I hope you had a wonderful holiday! First, I want to say something to those of you receiving this in your inbox. It’s been almost a year since I wrote here, and for that I apologize. (You’ll learn more about that if you keep reading…) But you DID in fact, voluntarily subscribe to receive these […]

How To: End of Year Reviews and Planning for Self-Employed People


CLICK HERE: UPDATED for 2014/2015 and beyond!!!   I honestly can’t believe that 2011 is about to end in two weeks. I know, you’re probably sitting there thinking, “Lara, let me get through the holidays before you start talking about the New Year!” No. Sorry, but nope. When you’re in business for yourself, you’ve got […]

When You Get Overwhelmed… Use An Egg Timer!


I love starting new projects and ideas. Really, I do. But sometimes I get ahead of myself and start projects that take much of my attention, and things fall behind. Like this blog. Like my Artist’s eCourse. (I’m so sorry – new lessons coming soon, I promise!) Like my online shops and my site for […]

I Fired A Potential Client Today

Firing a potential client

I don’t know what it is about working online that gives people the sense (or lack thereof) that people who do it are just freely available 24/7 to jump when they tell us to. Weeks ago, I met with a local business that’s fairly well established in their niche. It’s one with a lot of […]