The “What The Hell Is Going On With Lara?” Post


It’s so funny how when your life changes, people on the “inside part of outside” of your life change too. Many of my colleagues and friends have stuck with me, stayed in touch, actually interacted with me, but to be honest most have not. And you know what? That’s okay. Because my life, my passions, […]

It’s Time To Start Thinking About 2013


I hope you had a wonderful holiday! First, I want to say something to those of you receiving this in your inbox. It’s been almost a year since I wrote here, and for that I apologize. (You’ll learn more about that if you keep reading…) But you DID in fact, voluntarily subscribe to receive these […]

When You Get Overwhelmed… Use An Egg Timer!


I love starting new projects and ideas. Really, I do. But sometimes I get ahead of myself and start projects that take much of my attention, and things fall behind. Like this blog. Like my Artist’s eCourse. (I’m so sorry – new lessons coming soon, I promise!) Like my online shops and my site for […]

I’m Talking to Artists and Crafters Only Right Here…

Owl Pendant by La Luna Designs - Lara Kulpa

NEW & UPDATED FOR 2014! CLICK HERE!!! This content below is from when I originally offered my free ecourse. For current information, please click here: How I’m Going to Change Lives (My Own Included)           Some of you may know that I’m also an artist in addition to all I do […]

Self-Employment From Home – Crunching The Numbers


My boyfriend Erick just recently launched his own computer and office equipment repair business after being fed up with the job hunt. He’s been unemployed for a few years since the company he worked for began to go under. He had taken the time initially to go back to school, but graduation and many interviews […]