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How To: End of Year Reviews and Planning for Self-Employed People

CLICK HERE: UPDATED for 2014/2015 and beyond!!!   I honestly can’t believe that 2011 is about to end in two weeks. I know, you’re probably sitting there thinking, “Lara, let me get through the holidays before you start talking about the New Year!” No. Sorry, but nope. When you’re in business for yourself, you’ve got…
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6 Appealing Thoughts on Minimalism

I will absolutely admit that the idea of switching to a “minimalist” lifestyle does have a strong appeal to me. I spent much of my life living in a home that had all sorts of chotchkies, dishes on display (two to three sets of “fancy” dishes, plus the “everyday” set in the cabinet!), lots of…
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My Not-So-Official, Official Story

After a recent thread in the ProBlogger Community about a member who was having trouble working his “About Me” page, I decided I need to do some restructuring with my own sections of this site. In doing that, I’m writing this post because where I came from to be where I am today is sort…
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About Letting Go and Making Room in My Life

Note: This post is inspired by recent events in my own life, but also by Chris Brogan. I adore Chris, and am grateful to watch him do his own letting go in favor of making room in his life. You deserve it, Chris! I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks. I spoke to a room…
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New Research Proves Coffee Leads to Mental Growth Spurts

I’m going to apologize in advance if you thought this was an actual “scientific” article. It’s not. Feel free to leave if you feel misled, even though I’ll cry if you do. So, I’m sitting on my enclosed front porch at 4:30 this morning, drinking coffee, checking emails, and stopping to play a few facebook…
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