Stepping Off Point – Making A Choice & Sticking It Through

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Stepping Off Point – Making A Choice & Sticking It Through

As some of you may know, I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies just as much as I’ve worked with individuals and small businesses. I’ve dealt with extremely creative people and extremely “corporate” people.

Guess who I resonate best with?

Not that I can’t work with corporate people. I totally can, and I blend in quite well. But my heart absolutely swells with pride, joy, and complete awesomeness when I get to work with creative people.

dreams-can-come-true-walt-disney“But, Lara! Walt Disney was BOTH!”
(I heard you thinking that.)

You’re right, he was! There are TONS of amazing creative entrepreneurs out there. Guess what? You’re reading this from one of them, too! But society leads us to believe that you can’t be both, and I want to prove them wrong.

I want to work with creative entrepreneurs from now on. Seriously. So everything I write and do here is now going to be focused on helping artists, crafters, creatives… people who want to build an empire for themselves, based on their creative energies.

But let me make one thing clear:

If you’re not serious about truly building an empire, I mean… if you’re putting up some crocheted scarves on Etsy for $4 and are dead set with no desire to do more, then pretty much nothing I’m going to be working on is going to benefit you. Hopefully, I can inspire you to want more, but if not, then just enjoy reading the free posts and my delightful words, and then go back to spending $4 on yarn and an hour and a half of your time to sell something for no profit. I hope it makes you happy, because it’s never going to make you an entrepreneur.

But if something in your heart is telling you that this is what you need to do with your life, then don’t wait. Don’t sit there and wonder which direction you should go in, or what you should focus on first. It’s about taking action. ANY ACTION.

You can read up on anything. You can subscribe to a million different products, blogs, and programs. But if you don’t see it through and put in the effort, you can’t get past the first stepping off point. Make a decision, and stick with it. I am.

So my mission is to find and help creative people to become rockstar entrepreneurs, too. Learn what’s important, what’s not, and how to never let it take away from your creative energies. Business can suck the life out of you if you let it. Let’s not do that. :)

So right now, ask yourself the question: Am I committed to using my creative energy to build a business?

Answer it out loud, and in the comments, too. ;)


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