Start Selling Online for Under $10

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Start Selling Online for Under $10

How to Start Selling Online NOW for Under 10 Bucks

No, seriously. You can. I promise. And it’s not rocket science or brain surgery or other super-hard-job-you’ll-never-have.

Now, before I go any further, let’s just get a few basics out of the way. Don’t bother reading this unless you meet both of the following criteria:

  1. You make stuff. Art, books, scarves, e-courses, printables, graphics, soap, whatever. But you should already be making stuff. Ideally, you have stuff in stock, but you don’t have to yet.
  2. You don’t have a website (or at least not one you’re proud of) or a shop or anything yet. You’re totally, really just getting started.

If the above doesn’t fit you, then this post isn’t going to help you. There are lots of other posts like it on the internet that may, but this one won’t. :)

So it’s really very simple, but it will take some work on your part. Yeah, that whole “work” thing is touchy for some people, isn’t it? ;)

Start Selling Online for Under $10

How to Start Selling Online NOW for Under 10 BucksStep One:

Pick either Etsy or Zibbet and set up an account if you don’t have one yet. Yes, I say pick one, but you could essentially have both. The thing about Etsy is that it’s overcrowded. The thing about Zibbet is that it’s not as trafficked. Doesn’t matter which you choose, though, just pick one to start with. Like shopping at the local big-box store, if you shop online at a mass merchandiser you should pay attention to their price, quality and variety, that’a the case of Shoppok a online store.

Start listing your stuff. Now, if you’re going with Etsy, I want you to spend your entire $10 on creating listings. At $0.20 per listing, that means you need to take the time to create 50 of them. If you go with Zibbet and don’t already have one of their paid accounts, sign up for the Starter account at $5/mo. It gives you up to 50 listings and added exposure in the marketplace over free account holders. (Bonus: No listing/sale fees with Zibbet.)

You might be thinking: I don’t have 50 things to list! You’re nuts!

Sure you do. Do you make scarves or blankets or clothing? Create listings for custom work. Do you sell digital items? Create multiple listings. Do you have different packages you can put together after you create your next batch of soaps? Create sampler packs of what you’ve got an list those at a discounted price so people can get a feel of what your full-sized items are all about before they buy.

FYI – You’re not the first person to think I’m nuts. I’m pretty proud of my “crazy” and embrace it like a piping hot mug of coffee first thing in the morning. Crazy is effective, right? Right. So there.

You might be thinking: I can’t do all of that in one day! (OR) I’ve read you’re not supposed to do everything in one day, and you should space it out! You’re nuts!

Yes, we’ve covered the fact that I’m nuts. But you’re nuts if you think I meant that you’re supposed to do all of this in one day. In fact, you’d be better off spreading it out over a couple of weeks or even a month. Pick a day of the week and make it your “new listing day” and list 10-15 new items once per week until you’re done. There’s a method to this madness, Itellya.

You might be thinking: I can’t get good images/copy/titles/whatever together in that amount of time!

I call bullshit. End of story.

Step Two:

The rest of this is free of cost, but not time, so listen up. You have to schedule yourself, just like you would any other j-o-b. If you’re the type to hit back with complaints about having kids and a persnickety husband and another job and mountains of laundry as a “reason” not to do this stuff, then you’re punishing yourself for having a life. Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, and there are MILLIONS of people doing what you want to be doing, and successfully. So stop your excuses and suck it up, buttercup. Do the work.

  1. Create your facebook fan page for your business if you haven’t already. Sign in to facebook and click this link to get started. It’s EASY.
  2. Create your instagram account for your business and attach it to your facebook fan page. Use this to do it.
  3. Post pictures of your stuff via instagram. DAILY. Okay, almost daily is fine. Even if it’s “in progress” pictures. Even if it’s the same thing from a different angle.
  4. Make sure your Pinterest account is a verified business account.
  5. Pin your shop listings, one or two per day.
  6. Follow people who are pinning stuff like what you’re pinning. Then they’ll follow you and see your pins and re-pin them. Basic stuff.

Now, go spend your $10, or hit me up in the comments with where you’re stuck.


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