Speaking at Blog World Expo 2010!

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Speaking at Blog World Expo 2010!

I realize I should’ve posted this over a month ago. I also realize that sometimes I have way too much going on and I forget really important, simple things like this. I have choked down my guilt over this with some chocolate, and I feel better now.

I am a totally huge fan of BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010, having gone the past two years, and fully intending to go again this year. There’s pretty much very little that would probably stop me from going, so that being said, it should be quite the testimonial to you, to get your butt signed up. Especially because it’s all going down in just over two weeks.

“Building an Irresistible Private Member Community”

Description: Paid membership communities are popping up all over the place as a way to offer more exclusive content and access to people with a specific interest or goal. In order for a private membership community to succeed, you’ll need to offer the right benefits not only to entice people to join, but to ensure that they stay. That’s what we’ll focus on in this session: creating value, converting visitors to paying members and keeping them coming back month after month.

Join me at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Oct 14-16, 2010!

This panel was conceived by yours truly, Community Manager over at ProBlogger. I invited the following rockstars to join me: founder of the iFroggy Network Patrick O’Keefe, new media consultant and co-author of the book ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income Chris Garrett and Jeremy Wright as moderator.  Add the panel on SCHED (October 16 at 3:30 PM).

Oh, and pretty much the rest of the time you’ll find me either wandering the halls or running around with Darren Rowse somewhere! (Make sure you check out Darren and Chris G. on Thursday in their ProBlogger Workshop Day, too… it’s going to be amazing!)

BWE is a really great event for anyone who is involved with blogging and/or new media, or wants to be. You should come. Plus it’s in VEGAS ferchrissakes! You’ve got time to give your boss the notice that you’ll be disappearing for a few days. Do it.


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  1. Patrick says:

    Looking forward to it. :) Thanks.

  2. Hey! Thanks for writing this up, I’ve added it to my Sched and really looking forward to it! I have a software-based membership site, but always looking to learn new things. :)

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