People I Love From Blog World Expo 2009 – Part 1

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People I Love From Blog World Expo 2009 – Part 1

I feel like I have to do this. I have to write posts about people I met up with, face to face at Blog World Expo 2009. One of the most important parts of this conference is the people you meet and are fortunate enough to spend time with, and I want to honor those people who spent time with me.

Of course I met so many fantastic people, it’s inevitable that I’ll either forget a few or won’t be able to include them all. Please know that this doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy meeting them, or don’t adore them. It’s just impossible, as this entire blog would be full of them! :)

This is part one of “I have no idea how many parts this is going to have”. I also don’t know how long it’s going to take. I want to take my time with this, and really devote the energy to it these great people deserve from me.

So without further explanation, here’s part one.

Karen (KB) Bell

As you may know, I work for Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. We got the chance to give away a Weekend Pass to someone for BWE and ran a little competition on the site to find the best person to give the pass to. People from all over the world had entered, offering up their idea of why they felt they deserved the pass. There were so many great entries, it was hard for us to pick one, but KB’s stood out to me and when I suggested her to Darren, he agreed.

KB is a spiritual life coach, musician, and all around sweetheart. I can’t explain the sense of peace and happiness I had just in our everyday conversation, much less just being around her with friends. She’s amazing, beautiful, and a new friend I’m absolutely blessed to have.

She was so excited when I emailed her! I had her call me and I was in the casino at MGM at the time since I like to do bets, I even go to sites online as qqscore88 to do some gambling, so I told her just to book her travel arrangements and I’d call her back when I got up to my room. Once we had some time to talk, I explained that like her, I have retired racing greyhounds and it was really neat that she did too. KB makes handmade martingale dog collars, which are the preferred style for sighthounds, and they’re gorgeous. (She brought me one for one of my babies… how sweet!)

What really moved me about her was initially the video she posted with her entry. I’d like for you to take a minute to watch if you don’t mind. You’ll see what made me fall in love with her right off the bat.

Karen, thank you for spending so much of your time with me. I’m blessed by it and can’t wait to make a trip up to Toronto to hang out again soon! <3

You can follow KB at @ktotheb on Twitter.

My next post in this series will cover the folks who came to the ProBlogger Dinner at FiAMMA.

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