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Speaking at Blog World Expo 2010!

I realize I should’ve posted this over a month ago. I also realize that sometimes I have way too much going on and I forget really important, simple things like this. I have choked down my guilt over this with some chocolate, and I feel better now. I am a totally huge fan of BlogWorld…
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Where Has This Year Gone?

We’ve long passed the “hump” of 2010. I’ve had so many things happen already that it’s hard to believe. I reconnected with a boyfriend from 15 years ago back in February. We’re together and going strong, living in an apartment with his three cats. Yes, I said cats. *big sigh* I know, I’m not a…
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Happy 4th Anniversary of My 29th Birthday To Me!

Yeah, it’s something I took from my mother. Once you pass 29 years of age, for a few years, you start calling them anniversaries. 30 was not 30, it was the one year anniversary of my 29th birthday. I think I’m coming to an end with the rouse, however. I’m floundering today, moment by moment,…
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Hosting Company Retardedness Issue #437

Okay, so my client sends me a Skype message the other day telling me that there’s “some error” on her site that looks like something serious. The site’s not coming up, and she knows that it’s nothing she could’ve done. Since she’s a smart woman, I believe her, and go take a look. Lo and…
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Could It Really Be Spring?

I’m watching the news this morning and the weatherman just said, “Periods of rain, late Thursday right on through Sunday.” Rain. Not snow. My yard is muddy enough, and the dogs keep tracking it into the house. Which means it keeps winding up in my bed. I can’t STAND that. However the fact that it’s…
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Life Is A Highway… I’m Gonna Ride It All Night Long

Yeah, it is. I can’t believe we’re into March 2010. You know, “into” March… beyond the first week of any given month and you’re “into” the month. Life has been a whirlwind for me lately and I’m lost in how much I’m in love with it right now. Seriously, folks. You’re reading the words from…
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