On The Closing of Doors, and Opening of New Ones…

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On The Closing of Doors, and Opening of New Ones…

So by now you may or may not have seen the announcement about a new step in my career, that I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to work with a whole bunch of amazing people I adore. I’ve been hired as the Community Manager for Blog World and New Media Expo, and I’m really excited!

While this means that I will no longer be the Community Manager for ProBlogger, I will still be offering my online strategy coaching and a few other services. There’s only really enough time in the day to be CM for one project at a time.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you how I’m feeling about all of this.

First, I have to emphasize how much I truly love, admire, and respect Darren Rowse. I’m fortunate enough to know him better than most of his online connections, and you can’t even begin to fathom how much of a blessing that’s been for me. Darren is absolutely as wonderful as you may think, and then some. He’s been an amazing friend, confidante, cheerleader, and “boss man”. I wouldn’t trade a second of my experience of working for him for anything, and I owe my successes to him giving me a chance all those years ago. I’ve learned so much, experienced so much, and been honored to be connected with him as long as I have. Believe me, leaving is bittersweet – but Darren has been gracious and proud of me for making this next step in my life, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Now, on to the next chapter!

I’m so unbelievably excited about working with Blog World! I’m a huge fan of the conferences (they’re the only ones I never, ever miss) and to be working with such an amazing team as Rick, Dave, Deb, Allison, Nikki and everyone else will be just phenomenal for me. I’ve known Deb for several years, having been her “web goddess” for ages when she owned her blog network, and we’ve become dear friends over the years. Rick and Dave are amazing guys with a creative vision that just inspires the hell out of me, and I can’t wait to connect that vision with the BWE community of attendees past, present, and future. I’ve been a huge evangelist for Blog World since my first conference back in 2008, having convinced many to join us each year, and I’ll continue to do so. I believe in what these people are doing, I believe in the connections that are made, the friendships that I’ve built, and where this company is headed. I’m SO excited!

So keep your eyes peeled, you’ll find me on the facebook page, twitter account, forum, and more!



5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    You did it!

  2. Kimberly at Parasol Creations says:

    Congrats Congrats Congrats!  WOOHOO! :)

  3. Mye says:

    Oh boy, congratulations, Lara! Happy to hear about the new position and I, definitely will follow you – your blog will continue to become my inspiration. Thanks for your help – I hope you still remember me (we just barely met in the forum) :)

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