My 3 Words for 2015

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My 3 Words for 2015

I love Chris Brogan. No, really. I know you may think that everyone loves Chris Brogan, but you really have no clue how much I love him. He’s been a great friend and mentor over the years, and I really think that my world would totally suck if for some reason he had never come into it. If you need a kick in the pants or some inspiration, please… go get to know him. He’ll let you, I promise.

Every year since 2006, he’s done this really cool thing where he chooses three words to represent his direction for the coming year. I’ve done it before, and like most resolutions, I rarely stuck with them (I often forgot them), but this year’s different. I’m going to pull the three words out and I’m going to make sure they’re at the forefront of my next 365 days.

Purge. I’ve got a lot of “stuff”. Stuff in my home, stuff in my car, stuff in my head and heart. Stuff that no one really ever needs to hang on to. It’s like that junk drawer in your kitchen… the one with 329 twist ties you saved from bread bags in case you need them. The one with 27 rubber bands you saved from buying bunches of asparagus. The one that somehow also managed to collect 42 packets of soy sauce from your Chinese takeout. Ew… I think one of them broke open and now you’ve got to clean out the whole thing! Yup. Purging. I’m yearning to live in a cleaner, neater, less cluttered home. That goes for my mental home, as well as my dwelling. Gonna come up with a plan for this and attack it!

Stitch. No, this isn’t just because I got a brand new sewing machine for Christmas (but, um, HELLO, I’m so excited for that), but it’s that I have always had so many different things going on in my life at once, that sometimes they feel disconnected. I want to have it so that everything in my work is connected to everything else in my work. I want to stitch the pieces together to build a beautiful quilt. One that will keep my family warm and comfortable. I need everything to work together so I’m not feeling like I’m jumping rivers to get from one piece to another.

Protect. My daughter is at the age now where she can understand a lot more than one might think. I’m not just talking about profanity, but conversations in general. She’s well aware when someone’s saying something “mean”, and when someone’s being “sweet”. She gets upset at the former, but turns to complete mush with the latter. I love that, but I feel the need to protect her heart. I also feel the need to protect my own, and truly want to protect those I love. However – part of protecting is avoiding too much negativity. I’m certainly not going to play ignorant to it, but I’m just not going to give it oxygen any longer.

Have you ever chosen words to represent your coming year? What are your words for 2015? Share them in the comments, reply to my email, post them on social sites… whatever, but make sure you announce them so someone can hold you accountable! ;)


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