HUGE News!

Learn how to find your passion and live your best life!

HUGE News!

I’m so incredibly excited to share with you guys that I’ve finally been able to open up my one-on-one coaching program again!


I’m doing things a little bit differently this time, because I really need to know that you and I are a good fit before we start working together. I don’t want to set things up and have anyone spending their time or money on something they shouldn’t be, even if that’s spending them with me.

This time, I’ve instituted an application process, but don’t freak out! It’s not a pass/fail exam, and you’re definitely not going to be graded on your answers!

If you’re even remotely interested in working with me, go jump in here -> Apply Now.

If you’re still not sure, please read on…

I’ve written in a few places on this site about who I am, and what I can do for you. Please take the time to read those (the links open in a new window). I don’t begrudge anyone wanting to do their research, but I do want you to make your decision without hesitation, too. How many times have you sat there and talked about joining a gym in the past year, but never did? Or worse, you never go? It’s time to change those habits, and it all starts here.

I want you to learn that you’re worth more than you’re getting right now.

  • Are you a female blogger (you don’t have to be a “mommy blogger”, but you certainly can be) who writes amazing posts and puts your heart and soul into your blog, but you’re afraid of offending people so you hold back on really asking your audience for money (by selling them things) or to buy certain things through your affiliate links?
  • Are you an artist or crafter who has been afraid to spend money on your website or marketing efforts, and still wonder why you’re not making sales?
  • Do you have a unique style of writing or drawing or painting, but don’t know how or where to market it?
  • Are you the person who simply would rather spend your time creating your craft than doing any of that icky marketing stuff?
  • Do you need help getting past the fear, or rather, do you need help just knowing what to do next in order to take your business to the next level?

Yes, if you answered “yes” to any of those questions (or anything similar), we need to spend some time together. Apply Now.

I’m not about dragging these things on, you know. Either you know in your heart that you need help, or you don’t. In case you need to do more research, here are a few other things¬† from others who have written about me during various times in my career as a consultant:

  • “Lara Kulpa helped me organize the ProBlogger meetup in NYC. Actually she did it all and I ‘helped’ her. Lara’s a generous person who knows how to get things done. She’s enthusiastic and efficient and approached the task with a lot of passion and fun. I’d recommend her to anyone.” – Darren Rowse
  • That VIP Feeling
    (Over at Chris Brogan’s blog)
  • Podcast with Srinivas Rao on
    (Srini is a bestselling author, his most popular book, The Art of Being Unmistakable is a huge hit, but his other books, podcasts, and conference are equally top notch.)

Let’s connect, see where you’re at, and get your business on the fast track to success!¬†Apply Now.


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