How I’m Going to Change Lives (My Own Included)

Learn how to find your passion and live your best life!

How I’m Going to Change Lives (My Own Included)

Once upon a time, I would wake so easily and naturally at 6am, that I didn’t even need an alarm clock.

(Thank goodness, those things drove me bonkers.)

Back in those days, I also had no life outside of my work. I was running an agency business as well as contracting and consulting (this was my Kraft Foods days), and my poor boyfriend would beg me to take ONE day off a week.

But we were comfortable financially. That’s right, not rich. Not always able to pay every bill, every month, but it wasn’t a life riddled with the black cloud feeling of poverty. But go figure: Working MORE didn’t always mean MORE money.

Did you read that?

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My father owned his own businesses nearly all his life, until about 15 years ago.

My mother, worked her way up to a regional management level with a retail chain, and then left it to run her own business, until about 13 years ago.

But growing up, they worked. They worked HARD. I wasn’t spoiled rotten, but as an only child, I certainly had more “stuff” than some of my friends with several siblings.

So why am I spilling all of this out right now? Because having a daughter made me realize that my old way of working is just never going to work for me again. And I like it that way.


Now I’m left with a dilemma, because I have LESS time, as I now live with this wonderful, amazing, tiny human being that I am so blessed to have the chance to care for, raise, teach, and laugh with. Oh, and I have to feed her, clothe her, entertain her, too. It’s the one thing I wanted in my life more than anything else, and she’s here and OHMYGODWHATAMIGONNADO!?!?!?!?

phew. okay, i’m good.

rumiSo here’s the thing. I’m really a frustrated creative, as many of you know. Frustrated because of time. So there’s only one option… Make the creative part of me less frustrated, and make her pay the dang bills, too.

I’ve got all these ideas brewing in my head, because I want to help people. I want to share all that I’ve learned while having been online for 20 years now (nostalgic nod to AOL chat rooms, where I found my senior prom date after my “IRL” boyfriend and I broke up).

I want to teach people how to build their own business that doesn’t suck the life out of them.

I want to learn from others, and share that with others, and mastermind the whole shebang into something really amazing.

I want to encourage love, creativity, growth, sharing, and earning – whatever that means to anyone who ever comes across my words.

I want to help people kick their feelings of intimidation, inadequacy, and insecurity to the curb. Actually, I’d prefer they find a dump somewhere and just bury it. That shit ain’t recyclable anyway.

So I’m going to work on this over the next week, and come back here with a plan. You in?



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