Hosting Company Retardedness Issue #437

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Hosting Company Retardedness Issue #437

Okay, so my client sends me a Skype message the other day telling me that there’s “some error” on her site that looks like something serious. The site’s not coming up, and she knows that it’s nothing she could’ve done.

Since she’s a smart woman, I believe her, and go take a look. Lo and behold, there was a MySQL error that I do know for sure, neither her or myself caused. So, I ring up the hosting company.

Once I get the guy on the phone (15 minutes after punching in 20 or 30 buttons to get the right department, which in itself took a good 10 minutes), I give him the URL and read to him the error (just in case he decided NOT to look for himself).

Before I could finish reading the error, he cuts me off and says, “Yeah, yeah… we had a server upgrade that rendered the php.ini files useless as they were.”

I say, “Oh.”

He says, “Give me just one second here… there. Refresh your browser, please.”

I do as I’m told and the site’s up and running perfectly.

So as quickly as the thought entered my brain, it shot out of my mouth, “So umm… why did I have to actually call you and waste half an hour of my time with this, when you should’ve just automatically done whatever it is that just took you 5 seconds, right off the bat?”

He answered, without remorse, regret, or embarrassment… “I dunno.”

Mmhm… NEXT!!!


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  1. Anil Atluri says:

    Why, “I dunno”. :)
    .-= Anil Atluri´s last blog ..‘Kaviraju’ Tripuraneni Ramaswamy =-.

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