Get Rid of Social Media & Other Distractions Once and For All

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Get Rid of Social Media & Other Distractions Once and For All

Are you one of the people I’m always yelling at to get off Facebook? If no, do you need me to be?

Well, it’d be pretty pricey to have me there, standing over your shoulder like a sweaty gym coach, so here’s a list of really nifty (and somewhat extreme) tools to help you. Your very own “internet nanny” so to speak, that will help you stop wasting time on social media (or any other site, for that matter), and get you in the right frame of mind to be productive with your creative business. If you find yourself playing a little too much Angry Birds with Friends, you might need one or more of these.


turn-off-distractionsFirefox & Chrome Productivity Plugins

  • LeechBlock:  (FIREFOX)
    Block specific websites within a designated time frame, such as setting it to block all social media sites and your email account between 9am and noon. This way you will be reminded that you should be doing something else, like listing your work on Etsy or writing up blog posts.
  • StayFocusd:  (CHROME)
    Allot certain amounts of time to specific websites each day, such as giving yourself one hour per day to be on facebook, or only 30 minutes to peruse Pinterest each day. Once the time is up for the day, you’re blocked from accessing until tomorrow. Yes, I know it sounds so drastic. But social media addicts, or people who check their email too much NEED drastic measures.
  • ChromeNanny:  (CHROME)
    This one’s kind of a combo of the other two above. You can either block websites during specific times, or allow only a fixed amount of time per site, per day. For the ultimate procrastinating control freak you know you are. ;)

Productivity Software Solutions

  • Cold Turkey (WIN)
    Block websites for a set period of time. Cold Turkey is intentionally difficult to circumvent, so you won’t be tempted into shutting off the program.
  • SelfControl (MAC)
    Blocks email servers and websites for fixed periods of time. This is for the habitual newsletter subscriber in you. Stop the “shiny object syndrome”!
  • Freedom (WIN or MAC)
    Completely blocks access to the internet for fixed periods of time. For most of you, this one won’t be of much use, unless you’re needing to do some accounting or writing and you’re finding yourself too distracted by what other people are doing.
  • Anti-Social  (MAC)
    Blocks access to social media websites for fixed periods of time. I’m looking at you, Pinterest obsessed one.


2 Responses

  1. Erin White says:

    I don’t get the lack of self-discipline that results in the need for these tools. Then again, I am self-employed, and an hour spent goofing around is an hour that’s non-billable.

    • Lara Kulpa says:

      You’re absolutely right, Erin. And most of the people who read my blog are also self-employed. It’s different for everyone, though, I think. I have “days” myself, where even though I have a mega ton of billable work to do, that I can’t focus and wind up perusing blogs I love or getting into a comment war on facebook. It happens to the best of us (at least I like to think even on my best days I’m allowed to make mistakes), and it’s not always about a lack of self-discipline. I still get my stuff done, and on or ahead of time for the most part. But sometimes procrastination rears it’s ugly head in ways that make some of us need a little help now and then. :)

      What I think has helped me, actually, is more of an approach of “get this stuff done and out of your face so you can go play with your kid” kind of mentality. Especially now that the weather’s warming up, I don’t want to be stuck working until the moment before she comes home (or worse, after), so I just get stuff done. :)

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