Fighting Off Crazy

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Fighting Off Crazy

I know, I know… I haven’t posted anything in ages and you’re probably looking at this thinking, “WTF, Lara!?

Truth: I’ve been insanely busy with work, which makes me happy and feeling totally comfortable with my biz shiz right now. Which kinda rocks.

Truth: I’ve also been longing to do more art, which means slimming down my biz shiz in order to make time to do more art.

Truth: I’ve been dying to design a plan that works for me, and our life here at home, that can be turned into a plan or mini-plans for YOU. It’s on my top three things to have done by the end of the month. You ‘cited? I AM!

So, what’s with the whole “Fighting Off Crazy” title?

Because here’s the thing… as one of those people who is equally right- and left-brained, it’s taken me a very lonnnnng time (and will continue to take more time) to learn how to balance that stuff. I can absolutely code the hell out of a website. But some days, I don’t WANT to. I can bake some of the most insane desserts you’d ever taste. But am not set up to do so in a way that pays the electric bill.

You follow me, here?

I also tend to let things like household chores, brushing my teeth, eating properly, and -gasp- even showering slip a day or two, because I get so entrenched in work stuff. Guess what? It makes me INSANE to walk downstairs to make lunch and not have a clean plate to use. I’m over it. Done. No más.

Which is what’s bringing me to my plan. I’m seriously going to work something out where I am at my computer for no more than 4 hours a day unless I’m working on art stuff on it (editing, resizing, pattern creating, etc.) – and no more weekends. None. Not for anyone.

Some may call it a lack of dedication to my clients. Which is SO not the case.
Some may call it self-preservation. I do.

I’ve burned out on work in the past, and it’s not pretty. I’ve learned to discover the warning signs, and they’re charging at me. And I’m building my wall as fast as my chubby fingers will let me. :)

If you’d be interested in the plan, and following along to see how it goes, and if you’d maybe like to try it (or bits and pieces) of it, make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter and/or check me out on facebook here. :)


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