February Challenge – De-Cluttering

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February Challenge – De-Cluttering

So much for time management January, no? Here we are, a week in to February and this is my first post on this month’s goal. In hopes of grasping the ability to have better time management skills,  I’m looking to de-clutter my life. My home, of course, but my life in general.

Like many, I have a mile-long list of things I want to do. I’m talking everything from finally tackling that huge pile of laundry to having kids. Lots of things. They all take planning to some degree or another. Planning out when to start the first load of laundry, for example, means wanting to do it at a time when the sound won’t wake anyone and it won’t use all the hot water when there are dishes and showers to be done.

But the more I step over that pile of laundry, the more agitated I become. The more agitated I become, the less I want to do the laundry or anything else. That means cleaning up my desk, hanging clean clothes, and even working on my super schnazzy time management skillz.

Yeah, ok. I know. You get the point.

So my de-cluttering adventure actually started last month when Erick and I worked on putting together a nifty little craft area and work station in my office. I’m waiting on a few things I ordered to arrive, and then I can finish putting everything away and one of my biggest organization issues will have been tackled.

I’ve also decided to do some file management on both my laptop, PC, and external hard drives. It’s so incredibly frustrating to not know what’s where because my computer’s filing system has been so all over the place. To the point where sometimes I’ve actually wanted to just format my machines and start over (no, don’t worry, I’m not doing that).

De-cluttering also means wiping clear some of the projects that have been hanging over my head that I’m not doing anything with. It’s time to either put up or shut up, and get them going or let them go. That’s a process in and of itself, and I’m sure not expecting to have that handled by the end of this short month, but I should be well on my way to knowing what I’m doing.

De-cluttering my life is about getting rid of anything holding me back, organizing what I know will help me move forward, and focusing on what’s going to take me higher. I’m really excited about this challenge…

What are you going to work on de-cluttering in your life this month?


3 Responses

  1. amandamagee says:

    Timely topic. I am decluttering by doing the excruciating work of lowering the expectations I have of myself. If I set the bar a touch lower, than I can actually achieve some of what I set out to do, which create triumph. Triumph breeds triumph, or at least keep the self-loathing at bay ;)

    • Lara Kulpa says:

      LOL I hear you about needing to keep the self-loathing at bay! I’ve got
      plans, and I need to plan to achieve (triumph) them. (Or do I mean trump? Or
      is it Trump, as in Donald? Oh boy… I’d better shut up now.) ;)

  2. Susan says:

    My garage! We have so many baby and toddler clothes that we are finally getting around to donating. There’s so much to go through!

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