Facing Your Entrepreneurial Fears – Part 1

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Facing Your Entrepreneurial Fears – Part 1


I know it’s “comfortable” and “safe” – but you are an amazing human being, with a brain that’s capable of so much more!

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some truly amazing people in my life. Both online and in person. Some are CEOs of companies they built from the ground up. Some are worker bees. Some are women who choose to stay at home and work on the side. Some are men who do.

One thing I’ve noticed though, is that the circles I travel are full of people who have dreams of being in business for themselves, but seem to not have “what it takes” (according to them). I think that’s just ridiculous, to be honest with you.

Lots of people rely very heavily on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test to determine who they are, what they should do, who they should work with. Yes, I think that can be a decent “window” to someone’s personality, but let’s face it: People change. Sometimes daily. Life and all it’s curveballs can truly change someone. Their “Type-A” personality today could easily turn into being quite the introverted, insecure soul tomorrow. It happens.

The truth is, I firmly believe that ANYONE who wants to start a business and work for themselves, can. It’s a matter of knowing your own strengths and weaknesses (at any given time), and knowing how to work with them. Wanna know why most people just keep dreaming, instead of doing? It’s fear.

fearpt1Fear holds us back from a lot of things. I’ve known people who have purposely done poorly in school for fear of being pushed to their limit and failing. They’d rather fail “in the middle”. I’ve known people who have said that they’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to fly, yet have never gone parasailing, bungee jumping, skydiving, or anything else close.

Fear isn’t a bad thing. It keeps me from driving when there’s more than 2 inches of snow, because I’m afraid of having an accident. In that case, it’s just a risk I’m not willing to take. Yet I’m totally down with the idea of skydiving someday.

When fear becomes something you need to challenge, is when it’s holding you back from potentially POSITIVE things. Put it this way: If you stay in your dead-end job, yes, you’ll have a paycheck (as long as they don’t “downsize” on you), but it will likely be the same size paycheck (adjusted for inflation with a teensy raise here and there), as long as you’re there. Is it safe? Maybe. Is there any potential to get a BIGGER paycheck there, though? Probably not.

But going into business for yourself DOES have the potential to get you a bigger paycheck, even if it still carries the chance you’ll have a much smaller (or zero) paycheck. Sure, there’s a risk. But there’s a chance that the reward could be BIGGER than what you’ve got now.

Nevermind the money, though. Staying a worker bee carries it’s own minor rewards. You’re not working more than 40 hours a week. You get to leave your work at work when you come home. You have less responsibility than a business owner. You don’t have to deal with consequences, budgets, or any of the other things that are your boss’s job to worry about. Great. How completely freaking boring, though.

Facing your fear and starting a business could make you wealthy in so many other ways. A feeling of accomplishment. Helping others have work (because of those pesky weaknesses of yours), getting your product or service in the hands of people who want or need it, and the possibilities go on and on and on from there!

Ask yourself this: Are you truly using your brain to do the most good for yourself, your family, and the world? Or are you sitting there stuck with a status quo because you don’t know where to go next, or you’re afraid of the work, the risk, or the reward?

If it’s the latter, then you need to choose better. Choose better for yourself and your family. It’s about dedicating yourself to something bigger and better. Letting fear get in the way means that you come up with excuses to not do something potentially amazing. Don’t you have people you need to inspire? Don’t you need to go to bed at night feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished, like surpassing precisely what you feared in the first place?

YOU DESERVE MORE THAN MEDIOCRITY. Go out and get better. Be better. Be who your heart wants you to be.


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