Facebook Sucks and Here’s Why

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Facebook Sucks and Here’s Why

I know that this is going to sound INSANE to you, coming from someone like me, with a background in community and social media management, but I want you to consider a few things before you completely write me off as crazy.

People are really getting sick and tired of social media.


I mean, take a look at your facebook news feed for example. How often do you see people “taking a facebook haitus”, if even only for a week? I bet it’s a lot more often than it used to be.

How engrossed in social does someone have to be to “share” funny videos of people falling down like Tosh.O does, or click “like” on a picture or famous quote? You can’t honestly sit there and tell me that the bulk of your feed (unless you’re one of those OCD people who’s hidden people left and right), is full of useful information… right?

So let’s take that one step further and let me ask how often you visit a site because you saw their fan page pop up in your news feed? How often do you actually make a purchase because of that?

The good news (yes, there’s good news), is that for small or individual businesses, it’s actually easier to capture someone’s attention on facebook, than if you were say, Coca-Cola. But why is that?

Because small or individual businesses, that are “doing it right”, aren’t posting random crap or filling your wall with nothing but self-promo stuff. It’s not ALL salesy. It’s not ALL “look, buy this!” And it’s most certainly not all, “Pick one: Chocolate or Vanilla?”

I’ve got a couple “companies” and their facebook pages that I want to show you, of people who I think “get it”, and why.

Geninne’s Art – She posts really amazing art that her 16 year old son does, in addition to what she puts up for sale of her own work. She posts about stuff that she does for her customers. She gives stuff away to her fans, just for being fans. And that’s just three posts over the last couple days.

Pips Jewellery – She builds anticipation by telling you what she’s working on before she shows it off. She puts up posts that are entirely unrelated to her business, but are still interesting and stand out from the rest of the repeated shares you see on the feed. She holds “live event” sales and gets people excited (and she usually sells out during them… what’s that tell you?)

Do you see a pattern here?

Are you doing it wrong?


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2 Responses

  1. Carla says:

    Your title certainly got my attention, because I agree wholeheartedly.

    I have little success with give-aways — the same 5% of followers are the only ones who ever enter. Don’t know what’s wrong there. Also don’t have success with getting people to share, because people just “like” their share instead of liking my page…

    I fear people hide my feed if I don’t include a picture. While most of my Etsy sales DO come from people who see my work on facebook, I otherwise find, well, it sucks.

    • Lara Kulpa says:

      Carla – You should try doing giveaways in conjunction with bloggers.

      In other words, approach a fashion blogger with high readership and offer her an item to give away on her blog. Would be extra great if you gave her an item to review, and then one to give away to one of her lucky readers.

      Stay away from sweeps blogs, but get really fine-tuned with who you approach. Do maybe one every other month with a different blogger. Watch the magic, girl! Just make sure that shop’s STOCKED. ;)

      Also – flesh out your site some more. I could get really into this, and maybe I’ll include a post soon enough about the types of things artist/crafter sites should have on them. :)

      Images are a huge attention grabber on facebook, but if you really want to catch people’s eyes, they have to be stunning. Then if you want them to share, they have to have a “sharability quotient” they meet. First thing someone’s going to do is wonder if their friends will get something out of it if they share. So if it’s just a pic and a link to your shop, probably not. But that’s okay, because I’m telling you, doing giveaways with bloggers will get you so much further… ;)

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