Dear Santa, I’d Love Some Tassimo T-Discs for Christmas This Year…

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Dear Santa, I’d Love Some Tassimo T-Discs for Christmas This Year…

Okay, so here’s the rub. The boyfriend and I are enormous coffee drinkers in this house. I mean, all day, into the night. We’ve been through two coffee makers and an espresso/cap maker in the last 10 months together. When I told him that I was getting a Tassimo T20 Brewbot for us to try out, he immediately began Googling and researching out of sheer excitement.

I’m so totally obsessed in love with this thing, folks…

Okay so it doesn't really look like this... but how cute!

The one I received is white, and came with an aqua colored insert which I absolutely love…

I got the same set Gabe Taviano did, and am borrowing his photo of the set.

Okay, so as I sip on my homemade, Starbucks cappuccino, let me share with you some awesome details about this machine:

Introducing the new Tassimo T20 Brewbot by Bosch

  • Makes coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte, crema, espresso and hot cocoa
  • Makes drinks in about 1 minute
  • Includes an exclusive flow–through water heater for faster, quieter brewing
  • Space saving design ideal for apartments, dorm rooms and countertops
  • Smart bar code technology allows the brewer to adjust each beverage with the proper temperature pressure and amount of water
  • Weight: 7.08 lbs. Length: 11.0 “; Width: 7.9 “; Depth: 11.8 “
  • 1.5 Liter water tank
  • Retail Value: $129.99

SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase a Tassimo T20 Brewbot online here and save $25 and get 2 free T DISCS!
Also available at many fine retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Target, and more (but the special offer is online at the above link only).

T DISC Technology

Through patented technology developed and designed by Kraft Foods, the TASSIMO brewer reads the bar code printed on each T DISC to ensure optimal brewing conditions, including the exact water amount and temperature. Because the brewing takes place inside the T DISC, consumers can prepare different drinks, one after another, with no flavor transfer from cup to cup. This ensures first-cup freshness and consistent taste every time.

Drink Varieties

TASSIMO is the only Home Brewing system that gives everyone the drink they want, from coffees and teas to rich cappuccinos and lattes. Even hot chocolate. Tassimo offers more than 40 beverage and flavor varieties to satisfy everyone with 13 distinctive beverage brands including Milka, Gevalia, Maxwell House, Suchard, Mastro Lorenzo, Twining’s®, Kenco, Jacob’s, TAZO®, Nabob, Carte Noire and Seattle’s Best Coffee®. TASSIMO even satisfies your coffee-house coffee cravings with a great variety of Starbucks brands – including Cappuccino Primo and Latte Primo.

You know you want one. I mean, seriously… Any coffeehouse style drink, in your own kitchen, with no mess, in under a minute, for a FRACTION of the cost? Hello!

Guess what… I get one to give away! Just check out the rules and regs below and enter to win!!

Giveaway Details

Will choose ONE winner on Friday, December 17th at 8am ET. You’ve got 12 hours to get back to me once I contact you, with your shipping information or another winner will be chosen.

US Residents only, sorry.

Ways to Enter:

1. REQUIRED: Head over to the Tassimo site and find a drink you think you’d like to make, and let me know in a comment. Make sure I can contact you easily if you’ve won.

2. Follow @tassimotaster on Twitter. (Make a separate comment once you do this.)

3. Become a fan of Tassimo on FaceBook. (Make another separate comment once you do this.)

SO that’s it! Good luck, I’m off to make myself another cappuccino! ;)

Disclaimer: I was given a Tassimo T20 Brewbot to review for the purpose of this post. Opinions are solely mine, and were not influenced or guided by Tassimo in any way. I was not paid, except for receiving the machine.

We have a WINNER!

Angeli119 is the winner of the Tassimo T20 Brewbot! I’ll be in touch via email to get your shipping address!

Thanks to all who participated! Don’t forget you can get $25 off and two free T-Discs by clicking here ~>


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  1. Lisa Painter says:

    I follow Tassimo on Twitter @Lisa4Christ

  2. Jill L says:

    I would love a good cup of tea or perhaps some of the Starbucks® Africa Kitamu™. I know my kids would love some hot chocolate.

  3. Jill L says:

    Follow @tassimotaster on Twitter @chipdip2010

  4. Jill L says:

    I’m a fan of Tassimo on FaceBook

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