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Beyond Blogging by Nathan Hangen and Mike CJ

So I was honored to receive a preview copy of Beyond Blogging a few weeks ago, and I have to tell you, I’m quite impressed with the work these guys put into this book. I’ve worked with Nathan because he writes for us over at TwiTip and I’ve known Mike around the internet for a…
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Social Media Breakfast Tech Valley #4 This Friday

Okay kinda cool news here… I’ve been asked by Amy Mengel to speak on a panel at this really nifty monthly get together called Social Media Breakfast Tech Valley. It’s this Friday, December 4th, 2009 (ack!) and is being held at the Red Cross in Albany, NY. Yes, I “acked”. You’d think that provided the…
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People I Love From Blog World Expo 2009 – Part 2

I know this is going to take a while to get through all the people I got to meet and have grown to adore because of Blog World Expo 2009. Hopefully I can get through this list before Christmas! Today I’d like to talk about the people I met at the ProBlogger Dinner, courtesy @TasteMGMGrand…
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People I Love From Blog World Expo 2009 – Part 1

I feel like I have to do this. I have to write posts about people I met up with, face to face at Blog World Expo 2009. One of the most important parts of this conference is the people you meet and are fortunate enough to spend time with, and I want to honor those…
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What’s A Girly Web Geek To Do?

Image by Dave-F via Flickr Okay so it’s become painfully obvious to me that my business has gotten so busy that I have severely neglected my personal projects. My company blog is lacking in a major way, but so are all my other little pet projects. I’m definitely an “idea woman” and I find that…
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