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Blog World Expo NY 2011 – Wow!

I feel the need to do this massive recap post, but it’s probably more likely I’ll just spend my time gushing, so if that’s not what you’re looking for, I make no apologies anyway. Blog World Expo: New York Style First, I have to say that the Blog World team is and always has been…
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Ask Me About: Building Online Communities (BlogWorld Expo NY 2011)

I’m gearing up for my session the end of this month at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in the Javits in New York City. My session is titled “Building A Successful Online Community” (scheduled for Wed. May 25th, 1030-1130am). Tickets are still available here! (Save on ANY pass with the coupon code: BWSAVE20) I’ve got…
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Less Than Two Weeks Til Takeoff – You Ready for Blog World Expo?

Oh, how I love this time of year! Despite the fact that I am busier than I’ve been in a long time, I’m so excited to be making my way to Blog World Expo in less than two weeks. (I’m speaking this year, feeling honored as all get out as a soon to be 3-year…
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It’s Conference Season and The Complaining Begins

I’m a woman. (SHOCKER!) I secured my very first “big girl” speaking engagement a few months back, and I’m quite delighted to say the least. (I’ll be speaking on a panel at BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010.) At BWE I get to “hang with the big boys” as some would call it, like Darren…
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Speaking at Blog World Expo 2010!

I realize I should’ve posted this over a month ago. I also realize that sometimes I have way too much going on and I forget really important, simple things like this. I have choked down my guilt over this with some chocolate, and I feel better now. I am a totally huge fan of BlogWorld…
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Hosting Company Retardedness Issue #437

Okay, so my client sends me a Skype message the other day telling me that there’s “some error” on her site that looks like something serious. The site’s not coming up, and she knows that it’s nothing she could’ve done. Since she’s a smart woman, I believe her, and go take a look. Lo and…
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