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The Downfalls of Being Self-Employed or, “Lara’s Bad Day”

I’ve got so much damn work to do, but I feel like I have to put this post out there, in order to get this out of my head. I’m feeling frustrated today, and am opening up about it. People talk about this all the time, how it’s not all it’s cracked up to be,…
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Life Is A Highway… I’m Gonna Ride It All Night Long

Yeah, it is. I can’t believe we’re into March 2010. You know, “into” March… beyond the first week of any given month and you’re “into” the month. Life has been a whirlwind for me lately and I’m lost in how much I’m in love with it right now. Seriously, folks. You’re reading the words from…
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Fear Of The Dentist (Or, Ten Years Since I’ve Seen One), no more with Percocet

I’m ashamed to admit this, I swear. I’m not the kind of girl who lets her fears take over but here and there in life there have been a few that have done a number on me. Now I’m paying for it. Years ago (like, fifteen or so) I had a dentist I’d been going…
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