HUGE News!


I’m so incredibly excited to share with you guys that I’ve finally been able to open up my one-on-one coaching program again! I’m doing things a little bit differently this time, because I really need to know that you and I are a good fit before we start working together. I don’t want to set […]

Here’s a List of Goals I’m Working On…


To say that I’ve had a moment of ‘enough is enough’ is an understatement. See, I’ve been contracting with a company for a while now, and it’s really just not a fulfilling job for me anymore. (Yes, I’m well aware that they’re probably following my blog, and they’re probably going to be a little upset […]

My 3 Words for 2015


I love Chris Brogan. No, really. I know you may think that everyone loves Chris Brogan, but you really have no clue how much I love him. He’s been a great friend and mentor over the years, and I really think that my world would totally suck if for some reason he had never come […]

Sometimes, I Share Things I Wouldn’t Normally Share…


But the truth is, I wouldn’t be who I am, or where I am in life if I didn’t share them with others. Do you ever have these random thoughts that pop into your head, and wonder why more people don’t think or act the way you’re thinking they should? I do. Do you get […]

Facing Your Entrepreneurial Fears – Part 1


YOU DESERVE MORE THAN MEDIOCRITY! I know it’s “comfortable” and “safe” – but you are an amazing human being, with a brain that’s capable of so much more! I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some truly amazing people in my life. Both online and in person. Some are CEOs of companies they built from the […]