Build First. Grow Later.

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Build First. Grow Later.

This post is probably going to come off as more of a ‘rant’, but I assure you it’s not. I’m simply trying to hammer this through so many heads right now, that I felt the need to explain it in writing.

You have to have something to market before you can market what you’ve got.


Don’t come at me asking to help you build/market a website so you can make millions and then you’ll give me a percentage. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you can simply “put up a website” and auto-feed it to your social networks, and you’ll be rich in no time.

Start simple, yes. Build first.

I don’t care what social media networks you’re on, I don’t care how many facebook ads you have bought, until your site is really tight, you CANNOT succeed in business.

It’s the same broken record I’ve been ramming on about since day one: Free does not put you in the place for success.

Would you truly believe in the skills of a dentist that offered his services for free?
Would you send your child to a school where none of the teachers or staff were paid, or had to have a college degree?
Would you pick up a garbage bag of clothing just because someone said that they’re all clean, and your size, and pull something out, put it on, and go out to dinner?

I sure as hell hope the answers to the above questions are a resounding, “NO WAY!” – Else, you should probably leave this site right now. Seriously. I have nothing for you.

So many people cry poverty when it comes to getting a professionally built website. They say, “Once I make enough money selling XYZ, I’ll invest in a proper website.”

That’s like saying, “Once I crash my car into a tree, I’ll get some insurance.” Seriously, think about that for a second. Got it? Good.

Okay, so the point I’m looking to make here is that so many people I run into these days are looking for the payoff first. You can’t do it that way. Did your parents give you an allowance before you did your chores, or after?

Yes, I am Queen of Analogies. But how else can I get this through to you?

I want so desperately to see the people who approach me to succeed. The very, very first step… before you set up an email list, before you develop a thousand and one products (ebooks, jewelry, paintings, widgets, whatever), before you make sure that you’ve secured all your social media profiles…


Now, I already know I’m going to hear back from some of you saying things like, “But there are TONS of successful blogger websites. There are TONS of niches where ugly websites don’t matter. There are TONS of people who are getting rich without spending money on a proper site first.”

There are maybe people like that. And then again, maybe they’re lying to you. Or maybe they were in the game long before you ever dreamt of quitting your stuffy, corporate job, and they built their audience that would follow them to the moon and back from the beginning when everyone had free sites.


That’s not NOW.

I’m going to say it again. Ready?

Build first. Grow later.

Build that killer web presence first. Get things completely ironed out and really tight. Then, to grow, add the email capture, then add the social media profiles, but dammit, make sure YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL before you try selling things. Start with yourself. Who you are. What your business is. Tell your story, be authentic, and then… people will like you, and TRUST you enough to eventually buy something from you.

Are you ready to jump in with this yet? Here are some links to get you started TODAY:

GoDaddy Hosting

Genesis WordPress Theme

If you need help, let me know. I’m here for you.


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