5 Things I’ve Learned Recently

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5 Things I’ve Learned Recently

I didn’t even have time to write up a post about my birthday back in the beginning of April, but deep-hearted thanks to all of you who took the time to acknowledge it either via email, tweets, or on facebook. You all helped make the day much less painful for me! ;)

Since the end of 2010, my life has kind of been this weird, roller-coaster, flip-flop of a ride. Lots has changed in my life even from my last birthday, but really it’s been the past 6 months or so that have really begun to shape a few things in my mind. I decided that since I haven’t posted an update (or challenge) in a while, that today was a great day to do so. I present you with “5 Things I’ve Learned Recently” or, “Way To Wake The Hell Up and Start Enjoying Life, Girl!”

  1. I was right about relationships: Little things DO matter the most. Nothing against any of my friends who feel differently, but I’ve seriously never been one of those girls who felt the need to demand high-end gifts or fancy dinners or anything like that. Not for birthdays, holidays, or even whenever. Could it be because I’ve never been spoiled in that way before in life? Maybe. But I think more it’s because I’d rather feel spoiled on a much different level… one that I get to feel every day, not just look at. My boyfriend totally rocked my birthday, and it was neither expensive (unless you count the cost of fuel, of course) or extravagant. We simply spent the day together, went to a really cool, 1940’s rail car diner, and then drove around daydreaming of homes we’d see. We stopped off at an art gallery store and he bought me a beaded hummingbird to add to my collection, and then we came home and enjoyed a nice, relaxed evening. Spending time with each other all day, doing something we both enjoyed, was the best gift of all.
  2. You’ll never actually get more work done or make more money by spending more than full-time hours working. I swear, it’s true! The more time I spend online, the less focused (ie. spending excess time on facebook or playing games) I become. Since I’ve reduced my screen time to less than 8 hours a day, with no weekends, I’ve [easyazon-link asin=”1434103188″]gotten so much more done[/easyazon-link] in life it’s ridiculous. The laundry’s always handled, the dishes don’t pile up, I get to hang out with my friends and family, and I have more time to be creative with my art and jewelry, which not only is another form of income, but something that feeds my soul.
  3. Sometimes it’s better to walk away. Oh boy, this one’s a doozy. Between the scrawny little blonde fetus at the gym who, in some kind of roid-rage or something, jumped the counter and tried to attack me, and learning that some people you’ve spent decades fighting to keep in your life are really just better off being left out, I’ve discovered that sometimes it’s best to not fight, not argue, yet not to overlook the really shitty stuff people are capable of. Of course, this all applies to clients who jerk you around, delay your projects and then demand you jump to attention months later, and companies that seriously don’t understand anything about what’s a good idea and what’s not. Walking away makes room in life for better stuff to come along. And believe me, it has!
  4. Cats aren’t so bad as long as someone else cleans the litterbox. This is true, but it’s also a metaphor about living with someone else. I’ve always lived either with my parents or alone with the exception of two roommates (one, then the other) whom I absolutely hated. I really liked having things be a certain way, having my dogs, and so on… But in living with my boyfriend, I’ve learned to ease up a bit and not be such a stickler about certain things because he will take care of it. I’ve learned that even though I miss the hell out of my dogs (who stayed behind at my dad’s house), these cats are kinda cute, too. :) (Both of which happen to be curled up on the bed next to me, preening each other every 20 minutes or so, and reaching out for me longingly to pet them every once in a while.)
  5. Don’t ever, ever, EVER count on any one thing being forever. Lots of things change, people change, even YOU might change. The only things you can count on are the things that come from within you. Sometimes people surprise you, and other times they let you down. But as long as you’re doing whatever you can to [easyazon-link asin=”B000N6U0DS”]make yourself happy[/easyazon-link] and to be that surprising lift in the lives of others, you’re way ahead of most of the world. Sharing life with people makes it worthwhile, and you have to hang on to the ones you want to share with, be they friends, family, or even acquaintances, and just let the rest go where it wants. Call it fate, call it karma, whatever… just know that you have to be open to things changing, and be okay with it when they do.

Simple things, these that I’ve learned. Sure, I’m probably a little late in learning some, but I’ve always said that if I’m learning and growing every day, then I’m doing something right. ;)

Stop and think about the things you’ve learned, or could learn, every day.


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