Month: March 2015

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How to Start Selling Online NOW for Under 10 Bucks

Start Selling Online for Under $10

No, seriously. You can. I promise. And it’s not rocket science or brain surgery or other super-hard-job-you’ll-never-have. Now, before I go any further, let’s just get a few basics out of the way. Don’t bother reading this unless you meet both of the following criteria: You make stuff. Art, books, scarves, e-courses, printables, graphics, soap,…
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Determining Your ‘Last Straw’ & What To Do About It

Note: This is going to be a pretty long post. Please read it when you have the time to absorb it and internalize the things I’ve said in a way that helps you best. It’s funny, this internet thing. According to┬áRitu Bhasin she’s been working online in some form or another since 1996, and to…
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