Month: June 2011

Learn how to find your passion and live your best life!

Book Shopping: Buy These Books If You Love (or Want To Love) Blogging

Full disclosure here, most of these authors are my friends and colleagues. The reasons I adore these people and am totally pimping them out in a list of books you should buy is because they’re smart, motivating, positive, and funny. I know for a fact that you’ll love them too! If you’re new to blogging,…
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About Letting Go and Making Room in My Life

Note: This post is inspired by recent events in my own life, but also by Chris Brogan. I adore Chris, and am grateful to watch him do his own letting go in favor of making room in his life. You deserve it, Chris! I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks. I spoke to a room…
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Managing an Online Kids’ Community? 5 Things to Remember

All through college, I’d been working full-time for Neopets, Inc. as their Senior Site Monitor. Back then, Neopets had been pretty new, and contrary to what you might believe, was originally created for college kids to have a place to let off some steam. In those days (before “lawyerbot”, if you’re familiar), we used trial-and-error…
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To Censor, Or Not To Censor?

I posted this tweet earlier this morning that received not one, but two good questions from @UnKit, and I decided to take it to the blog. She said, “Censor, or not to censor, that is the question.” I’ve seen this problem crop up a lot, and my answer to her was very simple (thanks, 140)…
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