Month: June 2011

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6 Appealing Thoughts on Minimalism

I will absolutely admit that the idea of switching to a “minimalist” lifestyle does have a strong appeal to me. I spent much of my life living in a home that had all sorts of chotchkies, dishes on display (two to three sets of “fancy” dishes, plus the “everyday” set in the cabinet!), lots of…
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Just Stop Multi-Tasking Already!

Everyone gets overwhelmed at one point or another, especially when you’re wearing a dozen hats in any given day. I have many things on my proverbial plate that need to get done, and when that happens to me, I find that I wind up focusing more on my to-do list than I do on any…
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Now Offering Internet Strategy Coaching

So as some of you may know, I’ve been at this internet stuff for quite some time. I’ve worked with Fortune 100 corporations and A-List bloggers, I’ve built websites and blogs for everyone from the stay-at-home mom to blog networks and businesses small and large. I used to only offer my consulting to current clients…
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Things I Learned From My Dad

I grew up with people telling me how much I looked like him. I grew up with people calling me “Chucky’s daughter”. I grew up with a Dad who wanted to wrap up the whole world in wrapping paper and hand it to me, but knew that teaching me how to go out and find…
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My Not-So-Official, Official Story

After a recent thread in the ProBlogger Community about a member who was having trouble working his “About Me” page, I decided I need to do some restructuring with my own sections of this site. In doing that, I’m writing this post because where I came from to be where I am today is sort…
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Make More Money With This WordPress Plugin

I absolutely love WordPress, if you don’t know me well enough yet to figure that out. It’s the greatest CMS/blogging tool there is, in my opinion, and that’s mainly because of the extensive plugin collection that’s available. If you’re looking to make money with your blog, a really good way to go is by using…
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