Month: May 2011

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How To Deal With Negative Ned/Nancy In Your Community

Oh, have I had my share! I’ve dealt with people who seem to have a sole purpose of driving me crazy, people who genuinely want the best for the community but would rather gang up on me than talk to me one-on-one, and people who just seem to want to see how far they can…
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Blog World Expo NY 2011 – Wow!

I feel the need to do this massive recap post, but it’s probably more likely I’ll just spend my time gushing, so if that’s not what you’re looking for, I make no apologies anyway. Blog World Expo: New York Style First, I have to say that the Blog World team is and always has been…
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Ask Me About: Building Online Communities (BlogWorld Expo NY 2011)

I’m gearing up for my session the end of this month at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in the Javits in New York City. My session is titled “Building A Successful Online Community” (scheduled for Wed. May 25th, 1030-1130am). Tickets are still available here! (Save on ANY pass with the coupon code: BWSAVE20) I’ve got…
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5 Things I’ve Learned Recently

I didn’t even have time to write up a post about my birthday back in the beginning of April, but deep-hearted thanks to all of you who took the time to acknowledge it either via email, tweets, or on facebook. You all helped make the day much less painful for me! ;) Since the end…
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