Month: November 2010

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Thankfulness 2010

I’m having a really emotional morning, and lucky for me (and you) it’s mostly happy emotions. I’m thinking about Thanksgiving, I’m thinking about all I have in my life to be grateful for, and I’m also thinking about people who maybe don’t have so much in life to be thankful about right now. I try…
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New Research Proves Coffee Leads to Mental Growth Spurts

I’m going to apologize in advance if you thought this was an actual “scientific” article. It’s not. Feel free to leave if you feel misled, even though I’ll cry if you do. So, I’m sitting on my enclosed front porch at 4:30 this morning, drinking coffee, checking emails, and stopping to play a few facebook…
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The Downfalls of Being Self-Employed or, “Lara’s Bad Day”

I’ve got so much damn work to do, but I feel like I have to put this post out there, in order to get this out of my head. I’m feeling frustrated today, and am opening up about it. People talk about this all the time, how it’s not all it’s cracked up to be,…
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